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The Loss

8 Oct
A little over a week ago I emailed Allan to remove myself from the challenge because I found out I was expecting.
Little did I know that two days later that pregnancy would end in miscarriage. My husband and I are both very distraught and working on coming to terms with this very unfortunate and unforeseen event in our lives. We were both very excited to be parents again and now we are just clinging to our faith, each other, and our son. 
My husband has been such a rock for me through this struggle, I can’t thank him enough. A few days after the miscarriage happened I came home from work to these beautiful flowers.
My favorite, Star Gazer lilies and a single pink rose.
I was very early in my pregnancy. We did not know the gender of the baby at all. It’s amazing how much love you can have for someone that was only a part of you for about 4 weeks. We have decided to name the baby “Skye”. 
My dear Skye, I love you and I know you are loved and safe in heaven with Jesus. Love, Mommy.