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Becoming Crafty!

26 Nov

I have not written since I posted about the miscarriage in October. I’ve been taking time to work through all the emotions and everything. It has been a tough couple months. A bunch of things all coincided at the same time as the miscarriage. My husband and I had just reconciled, by reconciled I mean took divorce off the table as an option forever, and decided to take a Marriage Intimacy class that is offered at our church. I started my first full time job ever the same week of our miscarriage and it’s just been crazy. We have been communicating so much better and I think we are pretty much past the miscarriage. It still hurts and we are still sad when we think about the possibilities and everything however, those spells are few are far between now. 

As far as the title of Becoming Crafty, well I’ve learned to crochet. I’m not that good yet however I am working on a scarf for my son…it was originally supposed to be for my husband but 1. I don’t think he’ll wear it and 2. I don’t want to make it that long…so I’ll make a shorter scarf and probably embarass my child by making him wear it lol! 

In a previous post I wrote about wanting to lose weight and get healthy..of course that all got pushed aside with the pregnancy/miscarriage happenings and I just haven’t been able to find the motivation or desire to do anything in that area since the beginning of October. Now I find myself annoyed and angry with my self because I am up 15lbs and have eating and drinking crappy food and sodas for weeks when I know I shouldn’t be. I also know that if I had stuck with what I was doing I’d probably be under 200lbs right now instead of up to 250! Any motivation or encouragement would be highly appreciated!

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